Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Updating The PS3

Last time I mentioned not updating the ps3 firmware unless the game needs it. Well guess what, the game needs it, and it always do. Online gaming is just not possible and forget about connecting to the playstation network unless you update to the latest firmware version. There was a few days of hesitation + paranoia before I risked updating my ps3, and even that was through the "storage media" method, not internet update. I downloaded the latest (version 2.01 at that time) firmware from sony playstation website, put it in a thumb drive, and updated the ps3 using that copy. Power outage during this process means a dead ps3, given that the process takes almost 10 minutes to complete, it was like a life and death situation.

Now it has been almost 2 weeks since the update and my ps3 is still going strong - and just recently played Kingdom of Heaven blu-ray movie :D

One more thing, on the 18th of december, the latest update v2.10 was announced by sony which has DivX playback as one of its features. But I'm having mixed feelings...